Sunday, 12 January 2014

Don't buy it ... i'll make it!!

This is fast becoming my catchphrase! My teenage daughter will spot some knitted scarf or hat in a clothes shop and I'll decide I can make it  - cheaper and better quality (although you then have to wait for me to make it!)
I want to make more things this year anyway as I'm trying to budget our spending a bit, so when my daughter spotted a lovely chunky Fairisle ski hat in Two Seasons I was on the Wool Warehouse website straight away looking for the right yarn.
I couldn't fid the right colours in chunky yarn, so opted for Aran ... cream, gold and teal.
I'd taken a sneaky picture in the shop on my iPod, and armed with squared paper, set about adapting the pattern for Aran yarn. It was important to make sure that the pattern worked in repeat with the different gauge, and I think I've managed it!
Two episode of Supernatural later I've got the ribbing done and I've made a start of the Fairisle design.
Think I need to do an enormous amount of knitting whilst I watch Sherlock tonight, I've got a feeling she'll be wanting to wear it during next week's cold spell!


  1. That looks great and I love your colour choice. Your comment made me laugh though, I'll make that. I say it all the time to my daughter, yet still remember the days when I did 'craft' fairs and people would actually stand in front of your stall and say just that. I used to be incensed. I still wouldn't dream of doing that, but I do confess to walking away and thinking it. But only with skills I know I have!! Does that make it any better!. Cant wait to see the finished hat. x

    1. I would never dream of saying it about handmade items, but an over-priced hat in a fancy shop, i'll give it a go!!