Saturday, 12 May 2012


Don't all faint, I knitted something and it only took me three evenings! This is my Bobba hat, another wonderful design by WoollyWormhead and knitted in Lamb's Pride Worsted, hence the quick knitting!
As  you can see, it's already been 'claimed' by my daughter, so i've ordered more yarn to make another one, or two.
My favourite bit was knitting the bobble, when I started the project I had assumed that would be added separately, but it's actually knitted in the round as part of the main hat!
For the moment it's back to my sock knitting which is growing slowly but steadily, pictures when i've finished the main leg section.


  1. Whoo-hoo, I love it! Your knitting is very neat - especially the finishing on the bobble! :-)

  2. It's beautiful it reminds me of Benjamin Bunny's hat from Beatrix Potter stories.
    kandi x

  3. That looks fab!! I'm behind with the KAL :( Maybe I should stop wasting my time on the internet and get on with it ;)