Monday, 16 January 2012

My Little Book

At the end of last year I was inspired by Kirstie Allsopp, and decided to have a go at binding my own book. She used leather, but as it was the Christmas break and even some Internet suppliers were on holiday, I went for the fabric option - upcycled curtain fabric from a sample book and some yellow polka dots from my stash ...
The black ribbon was wrapped around a present - good job I found it as I didn't have any ribbon in my stash that seemed to match the colours and fabrics I had chosen! It's taken me ages to blog about this make purely because we've had no sun for photos - a cold but sunny Sunday afternoon changed that.
Even the pages had to be torn to size and sewn to the cover.
It's only a small book, it's going to live in the front pocket of my handbag, it's perfect for knitting notes and random ideas. I do want to have another go, maybe something bigger next time, something I  could use as a sketchbook.


  1. Lovely - I too have been thinking about making a little book.

  2. That's really nice, I like your fabric choices. Did you follow a pattern or do it from memory? Shaz x