Sunday, 20 March 2011

Upcycled and Cute

A few weeks ago I set myself the challenge of making something from an old jacket belonging to my daughter. She'd outgrown the jacket, but loved the fabric.
I'd got a few ideas of what I could do with it, so took it apart with my stitch ripper and started planning things out.

I decided to make a cute bunny toy from 'Cute Dolls' by Aranzi Aronzo, changing the design slightly so that the jacket buttons became the bunny's eyes. The dress is made from some sparkly felt, left over from making Christmas decorations, so all in all it has been a very cheap project to produce, it's just taken me until now to blog about it, as i've been waiting for some decent sunshine to take some photos!


  1. Fantasic! Can see why your daughter loved the fabric so much, extra cute in bunny form to :)

  2. Very inventive - the fabric really suits the bunny! I've got quite a few Aranzi Aronzo books - the story style photography is great!