Saturday, 14 August 2010

Doodle Schmoodle - Days 13 - 16

Some more doodles today, slowly getting there, although i'll still be doodling after the 30 days of the challenge are up!

Day 13 - Speech Bubbles
Lots of fish, all saying 'BOB', it's what fish do. I put both eyes on one side of the head, hoping they would look like fishy versions of the 'Giddything', but I think they look like Homer Simpson! A big thank you to Matt Groening!

Day 14 - Postcard
I always tell people about the weather on postcards, and I enjoyed drawing the stamp.

Day 15 - Aliens
Little green teacups rather than little green men!

Day 16 - Wine
Can you tell I like red rather than white? I love drawing out lettering.

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