Saturday, 31 July 2010

Camper Van Cookery

For a few years I have collected the J.Salmon  'Favourite' cookery books. These tiny cook books are always found in tourist attractions and i've bought them everywhere from York to Cornwall.
I've got quite a few and often buy duplicate copies of books because I can't remember which ones i've got!
My latest purchase is 'Favourite VW Camper Recipes', and I had to blog about it because the pictures are so fab!

Lots of orange tinged photos from the 60's and 70's, and although i've never had a holiday in a VW Camper, they make me feel very nostaligic, all those caravan holidays with processed cheese slices, powdered 'Rise and Shine' orange juice and tinned hamburgers.

The original photos are from brochures collected by enthusiast Richard Copping, who wrote the book 'VW Transporter - the first 60 years'.
I suppose i'll just have to settle for this camper van which lives on my kitchen windowsill ...


  1. ooh, the pic with the lift-up roof could almost be me and mine! we came late to VW camping, 1984, but it was good fun for a couple of years until the boys grew too big for the childrens hammocks in the roof space, and really didn't like the camp beds in the tent extension. fun while it lasted though.

  2. Oh I would love a camper van, I am completely obsessed. Even my son has names all campers (well only VW's) "oliver" and Beetles are "tallulahs" Who knows how the mind of a 5 yr old works!

  3. Ooooh yeah! We have that book and it sits nicely in the little cupboard in our VW campervan :) We've notcooked anything out of it yet but have looked at a few recipes!