Thursday, 15 July 2010

Altered Book Swap - Part 5

As one Altered Book gets posted, another one lands on the doorstep, or in this case gets delivered by the mail van! My last Altered Book has arrived for me to work on. This book was started by Kella (Creative Wishes) and i'll be posting it back to Kella when i've done my bit ...

As you can see there is lots of book! It was originally created from two books and Kella has divided it into sections for us all to work in. When I post it on she will be binding it back together.

This is my bit of the swap - my book section, an envelope containing Kella's instructions and little packet of wild seeds that Kella has given me. Now all I need to do is start filling in some of those pages, the theme this time is 'Nature'.
There will be some pictures from my last altered book on here very soon.

1 comment:

  1. how does one enter a book swap? and do you start off with an old book, say from a charity shop, or what? would love to have a crack at this sometime.
    joy xx