Sunday, 20 June 2010


Yesterday I took some outgrown clothes to the charity shop. However I kept a couple of items back because I liked thefabric they were made from. I was going to have a go at reclaiming these old clothes for my fabric and button stash.
Woven fabrics are easy, just unpick the seams, snip off the buttons and you have your fabric. As these were childrens clothes the fabric is great for patchwork and applique being as it is in small pieces.
I also kept back a jersey vest top ...

I liked the buttons on this top, plus the bindings at the top were a bit stretched so it wasn't really suitable for putting in the charity bag. I unpicked the bottom section and cut it into I did the same thing with the main body of the vest, leaving me with the broderie anglaise panel and three buttons.

I don't know what i'll knit with the yarn yet, but it was fun to do. I can use the broderie anglaise for my altered book project or some applique, and the buttons could be used in lots of ways, or just put in a jar to look pretty!

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