Thursday, 13 May 2010

May in my garden

As i'm working on my ATC swap and can't reveal much, and as my day job is eating into my evenings and preventing me from creating any jewellery, my only sanctuary at the moment is my garden. Too cold to plant a lot of my seedlings out at the moment, but there are some nice things happening out there. I live in an urban area, but my garden is bordering on wild with a vegetable patch - no solar lights and decking here! So here are some pictures of the lovely things appearing in my garden this month.

There are lots of bluebells at the moment, just wish I had a few more big trees so I could have a mini bluebell wood.

The chives are just starting to flower, love the purple against the green. And it's so nice to be able to step outside and grab a few chives to sprinkle on potatoes.

Last, but not least my Japanese Acer, bought as a twig from Woolworth's a few years back and getting taller and more colourful every year.

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  1. The garden is looking lovely, I have the same things flowering too.