Saturday, 17 April 2010


After 4 days in York, it would be difficult not to blog about this wonderful city. I go there every Spring (if possible), to walk the walls, look at the daffodils and shop!
Obviously I have tonnes of photos of York that I have taken this week, so i've chosen a few that I find interesting.

Top left - York Minster, it's vast, you can see it from everywhere in the city, and I always find some new decoative detail in the stonework or the stained glass everytime I visit.
Top right - The city walls, a fantastic walk, with so many views, and of course the daffodils - a yellow carpet around the city at this time of year.

Bottom left and right - Details from St Denys church, a new find for me. I was looking for Dick Turpin's Grave (I didn't find it, but now know where to look next time!), and came across this little old church. I love the carving around the archway, so different to other carvings I have seen. The stained glass in the windows was these little diamond shaped panels - crying out to be made into patchwork!

Some 'different' York photos tomorrow ...

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