Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Holiday Project - Holiday Bag

I bought a magazine last week called Homestyle Sewing. It came with some circular, white plastic handles and some red polka-dot fabric. Now, i'm not really one for doing projects that come free with magazines, but I quite liked this one. Initially it was going to be a bag for my teenage daughter, but she decided that the finished bag wasn't big enough! So the bag became mine! The magazine suggested gathering up the scrap strip of leftover spotty fabric to make a corsage for the bag, but I decided to use it to make a detatchable corsage - the result is HUGE, but I like it! And my holiday project is sure to become my favourite holiday bag.

I suppose i've used this 'kit' in the same way I use recipe books when i'm cooking - use the basic ingredients but change the flavour to suit your taste.


  1. That looks fab - and corsages are brilliant - the bigger the better in my opinion!!! Do post anything else you make from the mag as would love to see how you interpret the projects. Jen x