Sunday, 28 March 2010

NEC - Part 1

Today I have been to the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show at the NEC in Birmingham. It's been a terrific day, lots of really inspiring stands, tonnes of things I would love to buy. So I arrived home with two bags of beads, yarn, fabric and books ... and a lighter purse!
I'm not going to show off all my goodies, because some of them I want to save and reveal them when I have used them in my work, today i'm going to show you some of the goodies and tomorrow I will show you a couple of the books I have bought.

These are some of the beads I bought today, lots of glass pearls. The large grey/blue beads have a sort of crackle effect running through them. I love the orange/red pearls.

And these are some of the fabric things that I bought. The brown and black fabric is a Japanese one, quite a coarse weave. I bought half a metre of the pink and yellow, but not sure what to do with it yet - very folklore! And I just had to buy some of the giant ric-rac - it's nearly 2cm wide!
I would have loved to have treated myself to something from ClothKits, but decided that I had probably bought myself enough! So perhaps I can order something mail order from them after Easter.


  1. Ooh! a craft show. I had fun at the one I visited just over a week ago in London.

    I also saw Clothkits and plan to buy from them for my eldest, when I recieve their new caterlogue in a few weeks time.

    I blogged about my show funday here:

  2. Those beads look lovely, I love the peachy ones xx Wish I'd known about this show :(