Thursday, 21 January 2010

Knitting ... again!

Crafting from Monday to Friday can be a bit hit and miss, my workload usually takes priority, so tonight I have created a worksheet about magazine layout and a worksheet about interesting barcodes - actually very interesting! All this means it has been a quiet night on the craft front, all my creativity has gone into creating resources for work. So to unwind I am knitting, just stocking stitch, using that lovely EcoWool that I have blogged about before. When the ball has been knitted I am going to felt the piece and use it for crafting. The ball of wool looked quite pale, but now it is knitted up the colours look intense.
Crafting tip - if you are using yarns such as EcoWool they have not gone through as much processing as other yarns, they have quite a low twist, therefore they tend to snag your fingernails quite easily - protect them with some clear varnish or go short!
Will post a before and after shot once the yarn has been completely knitted up and then felted.

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